[Groop] MotorCity Groo-Usagi T-Shirts!!!

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OOOOOOHHH, I'll have to order this time. I can't get to any cons this year. Stupid economy.
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...............beep...beep...beep...We interupt Gary G. writing his con report with this special message.  Flash!  I just got a call from the Motor City Con guy in charge of stuff including T-shirts and there is no problem with us ordering shirts. Easier than last time because we are so early.  For all of you domestic Groopies, go to the order form at this link:  http://www.motorcityconventions.com/motor_city_comic_con/files/TShirtOrderFormMay2010.pdf
Make sure you get your order and payment in before the last weekend of April!!
International Groopies interested in ordering the shirts can do so through me.  It will be the cost of the shirt plus the $2 shipping as stated on the order form, plus whatever gawdawful shipping cost it takes to get them -from me to you.  But we've been though this all before!  And if you are a domestic Groopie who for some reason can't put in the order yourself (maybe you're in prison of something) you can order through me too.)  
If you are going to order through me, I also need the funds a few days before the last weekend in April so I can get the order and funds in on time.  I'll try to figure out what the additional cost is to get a T-shirt or shirts to parts around the globe so you can send me the whole amount all at once.  And remember, if you send through Paypal, make it a "gift" so we can avoid the !#$%^& Paypal fees!    
Last time I think the Groop bought about 80 shirts (Arturo was wearing his this weekend at Wonder Con!)  I'll be curious to know how many we buy this time, so if you order one or more through the con, please let me know (just for fun!)  
Gary G. 

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