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Yeah, as it's listed right now it doesn't make any sense.  Maybe, unlike the Don Martin package, they will be selling the books one at a time in addition to as a package.  I don't know.  


Sergio said he was working on the cover.  He didn't say the first of mulitple covers.  He also told me he is not the one choosing what will go in the book.  Oh, and the reason the Marginals will be separate is because he has always had a special deal with MAD.  He owns the Marginals. 


And just to throw in something Groo:  Sergio told me he HATES the Pacific Groo Cover #4, which  is a Groo/Sergio-ization of a Frank Frazetta Conan cover. (As a Coanan fan, it's always been one of my favorites)  He hates it because he says it makes everyone think Groo is a satire of Conan and Sergio always bristles at that.  He says that most importantly the overarching theme of Groo is that mindless violence always ends in disaster, and that while it can be considered a send up of the Barbarian genre as a whole, it is NOT a Conan satire.  


Gary G. 


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More information is needed about this. By all rights, it should be part 1 of (some large number) of The Complete Sergio Aragones.  


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The long awaited "Mad's Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragones" Hardcover is now listed for pre-order at Amazon:

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