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...And  while I'm at it, who is going to make it to Detroit?   San  Diego?  
Baltimore?   Franfurt?  

San Diego..... I'm staff in the art show again....
BTW... Is it "better"  to buy new releases (like the Mad collection,  Groo 
trades, etc.) directly from Sergio at his booth? Or get it from Amazon,  
etc. and have him sign it? It seems to me, if buying at his booth he SHOULD be  
getting the retail mark-up, as well as the 15 cents or so he gets per copy, 
but  on the other hand, buying from another retailer should be better for  
generating re-orders/reprint orders and generally encourage publishers to 
give  him better contracts for new work.... Decisions, decisions.....

After a certain age,if you don't wake up  aching somewhere,you may be dead. 
 Say no to the things you know do nothing  but complicate your life. 

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