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Chad Riden chadmriden at mac.com
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Just found a hidden message in HoH! Made my day.


Chad Riden

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On Apr 5, 2010, at 4:02 AM, Chad Riden <chadmriden at mac.com> wrote:

>> On Apr 2, 2010, at 7:24 AM, David Graham wrote:
>>> What does everyone think about the trend towards digital comics.
> I use Sequential to read comics (which is Mac-only, but there are a  
> bunch of free readers out there for whatever operating system you  
> like) in .cbr or .cbz format. I like it a lot. I haven't attempted  
> it on my iPhone, the screen just seems way too small for that. If I  
> had an iPad, it'd be loaded up with comics.
> I generally download everything new that I see pop up on ThePirateBay.org 
>  just to check it out. If I really like something, I'll go buy a  
> physical copy in the store. This is a pretty good model for me. I'm  
> not always near a comic shop or close to home or able to drag around  
> a box of comics without destroying them, but I do always have my  
> laptop with me. Over the years, I've bought multiple copies of all  
> the GROOs, so I didn't feel bad about downloading them all in  
> digital form from a torrent site.
> It makes discovering new stuff incredibly easy. I was chatting with  
> a buddy over IM late one night a few months ago and he mentioned  
> KICK ASS - I hadn't read the comics or heard anything about the  
> movie.. but he said it was fantastic and I had to check it out..  
> five minutes later, my torrent had downloaded and I was reading  
> them. Since then, I've talked about the comics and the movie to  
> everybody who will listen to me (and now, this list too.. check it  
> out! it's awesome!), so my anecdotal here is that even the illegal  
> copies posted online are very good for spreading word of mouth buzz  
> (and some in-store comic / movie ticket sales).
> I did buy all of the new GROO/Hogs books when i was in NYC a couple  
> weeks ago, but lost them during a late night drunken rampage thru  
> the Plaza hotel. Amazingly and awesomely, a concierge lady scoured  
> the hotel and found them for me the next day. I'm not sure what the  
> lesson is there, but I'm pretty happy about how it all turned out. I  
> credit my good luck to my dog Guido, who is the Rufferto to my  
> Grooishness.
> Thanks,
> Chad Riden
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