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Boston Comic Convention Report – 2010


I was supposed to go with a friend, but when his house received some flood
damage during the storms last week, he had to cancel. At that point, I was
unsure I was going to go. But, how often do you get to see Sergio?
Normally, I would park out side of Boston and take the T in. (The T is
Boston’s subway system.) On the way up, I changed my mind. The web site said
there were lots in area for $10, so I figured, ‘What the HE double hockey
sticks.’ Turns out, the Westin Hotel was right next to Boston Convention
Center. Their lot was only $10 & there was a shuttle from the lot to front
of the Convention Center. 


I got there about 9am, an hour before the show. As I said the hotel and
convention center are right next to each other. This creates a wind tunnel
between the two, and as I was crossing over, a gust came up. It caught the
bill of my 25th anniversary hat and blew it off my head. Lucky, there was
group of 20 somethings behind me and the hat hit a girl in the face. The
Savior of the Hat was unharmed and returned to the hat me. 


As I had said before, I had met the promoter of the show before. He had
talked about how the Westin was a new venue for him. He had said that he was
worried about the lines to get in, and he recommended that I show early. I
was among first 100 or so, but is still took about 15 minutes to get in. The
line was set up where you waited in the lobby and had to go down escalator
to get to the entrance. They where letting people down in groups of 10-15 at
a time. 


I will admit that room was much smaller than I expected. It was divided ½
dealers and ½ artists. I took advantage that most of the people went
directly towards to artist to browse the dealer tables. (I bought a set 1980
Creature Feature Stickers, some 1975 Marvel Stickers & a couple of 1960
Topps Outer Limit cards.) I was looking for non-sports cards and picking
were slim. 


I, also, talked to Paul from Popfun Merchandising
(http://www.popfunmerchandising.com). He markets Toon Tumblers. They are
pint glasses with cartoon characters on them. He has licenses from both
Marvel & DC. He also has done small licenses such as Casper, Little Dot,
Richie Rich and Bullwinkle & Rocky. As a glass collector, these are top
quality items. You know where I going with this. Paul said he has talked
with Sergio & Mark about doing a glass (or set?) but the haven’t been able
together to get it done. I, personally, would love to see this item. I know
Sergio & Mark worry about quality items, but the Toon Tumblers are a quality
item. I know there are other obstacles. Here’s to hoping!


 After the dealer’s section, I headed into Artist’s Row. Some very good
artists. Not being a current collector, many of theses I never heard of. I
did purchase a small canvas painting & 4X6 art card of Wonder Woman from
Brian Kong. Mr. Kong does a lot sketch card insert work. He also has done
the artwork for several sports card series for Topps. I got a Dan DeCarlo
(Archie & Josie & Pussy Cats fame) Trade. In the mid-50’s, he did book
called Jetta, before he worked for Archie. Jetta was set in 22nd Century at
Neutron High, with jet cars and anti-gravity packs. You can really see the
style he brought to Archie. 


Sergio was set up out of the way. (He was a last minute addition to show,
which may have explained the out of the way set up). George was there with
family and friends (Sorry George, I don’t remember who they all were.) Of
course, Sergio was great. I had brought all my ACEO’s that I gotten from
him. Sergio added Minstrel to my collection. While, I didn’t buy any of the
prints (no where to put them), I highly recommend them. I did buy the last
box of the trading cards. I have the complete set, but not all the chase
cards. I’m not sure what I am going to do with it. At $100, it was a great
buy. Unlike the Art Cards, I purchased this for possible investment reasons.
The question is do I open the box. While you’re not likely to get a full
set. A couple of chase cards & possible sketch card offer some incentive.


While there was never a line of people at Sergio’s table, it seemed to me
pretty steady. Overall, it never seemed that crowed in the room. I did talk
to Jim as I was leaving and they were number of people. To make it worse,
one dealer opened a side door and let in 30 or so people. I also talked to
some dealers at smaller show on Sunday. They said the fire marshal was
having them shut down admissions to let the crowd thin out. When I left
around 1:00pm, I would estimate the line at 300 people. 


All in all, I’m happy I went  


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