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Hey Phillipe!
Ack!  I don't know exactly what to tell you.  Sergio is only selling the lithographs at conventions.  But since I was going to be at San Diego I was able to get them for Groopies who ordered and paid for them before that convention.  Now that that has passed, I think the only way you can get them is if someone who is going to the Balitmore convention is willing to buy them for you and send them to France.  
Sorry we did not connect a couple weeks ago,  -Gary G. 
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> On Tue, Jul 20, 2010 at 10:00:24AM -0700, Gary Grossmann wrote:
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> > OK, like Yoda said (Thanks Yoda!), here's the deal for those of you
> > who have already ordered and paid for Litho #3: If you want Litho #4,
> > send $25 to my paypal account:
> > 
> I have no idea if I sent any money for anything, but of course I'm interested
> in Groo lithos. :-)
> > If you have any questioons, let me know. I'm trying to keep this as
> > simple as possible and have everything mailed off by Saturday.
> What should I do now?
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