[Groop] Lithos and original art

Dennis Ramussen dernice at sol.dk
Tue Aug 3 12:03:51 PDT 2010

Lithos has arrived to Denmark, and a huge thanks to Gary for helping 
international Groo fans! I am really grateful!

"I wish there was some way those of you with deep pockets, like Paul F.,
could see the original art in Sergio's portfolio so I could arrange for
you to buy some original art (a Groo page, the original art to one of
the lithos, etc.) like I did with Paul this year. Maybe by next year
we'll have something figured out." 

How much costs a piece of original art from Sergio? Does he always bring
his portfolio
with original art to conventions? 

I have read somewhere, that he might be coming to Germany/Frankfurt in
october, and
in that case, I plan to travel down there to meet Mr. Aragones, and
maybe buy a
piece of original art. So hopefully he will bring his portfolio to
Europe :-)

/Dennis - A Danish Grooper

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