[Groop] If you are only going to Baltimore one day - that day should be Sunday August 29

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Hi; Long time lurker here.
If going to the Baltimore Comic-Con (where I sadly cannot attend) Please, Please, Please! Stop by the Blue Milk Special (Star Wars parody) table. It is run by 2 very talented aspiring artists (Rod and Leanne Hannah). Also check them out on facebook, or Top Web Comics. This is the first time I have ever posted for something other that Sergio or Groo, but Isimply could not stop laughing after I found the strip by accident.
I am not affiliated with them, just a fan.
Thank You!
T. Gatto
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> Subject: [Groop] If you are only going to Baltimore one day - that day should be Sunday August 29
> The panel schedule for the Baltimore Comic-Con (August 28/29) was just
> released. You can see it several places, but one place is
> http://www.comiclist.com/index.php/news/baltimore-comic-con-2010-panel-announcements
> The key item of interest:
> Room 307 (Sunday)
> 12:00-1:00 - Spotlight on Sergio Aragones - Sergio Aragones has been
> called the "fastest cartoonist in the world," has drawn thousands of
> cartoons for "Mad Magazine," created Bat Lash and Groo the Wanderer,
> and kept us laughing for years. Join the award-winning cartoonist for
> a look at his work that will leave you smiling!
> Neil
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