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Thanks for doing it this year John.  I've been pretty busy lately myself as we welcomed a new Groo fan last Tuesday (January 26th) - Anna Beth Klein.  She was the easiest delivery of all three kids, but she was also induced which made things a little less stressful.  I'll be going back to the daily drudge next week, but I took all of last week and this week off and haven't gotten a thing done (except now catching up on e-mails).

I'm not surprised by the counts, either.

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Here’s what I have: 

Me – 32 

Tone – 36 

Eli – 36 

Ryan S – 49 

Larry S – 71 

Just edging out Larry is: 

Gary – 170 

Gary dominated this year with 16% of the 1,053 post. Last year I counted 1,054 posts. 

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