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To all of my friends who have always wanted to come on one of my Yankee Stadium Tours, I've reserved two tour time slots on Saturday, June 26th so I can host my own Friends and Family Tour of Yankee Stadium! 

The times are 2:40pm and 3:40pm, and I can take 30 people total per tour. I'll take you on a first-come, first served basis, so get on the list sooner rather than later, even if you're just a maybe!

Prices are:
Adults - $15
Seniors- $8
(60 years and over)
Children - $8
(14 years and younger)

Please RSVP with a YES, NO or MAYBE to mrgrooism at yahoo.com, or PM me on Facebook or Library Thing. 

I'll need payment by MAY 24, 2010. 
 -Larry "mrgrooism" Steller, Grandmaster Mendicant 

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