[Groop] Groop: Hogs of Horder

Rick Loomis rick at flyingbuffalo.com
Wed Feb 24 12:53:45 PST 2010

Just picked up all three issues of "Hogs" yesterday. Great stuff. Not 
sure why some folks complain that it was "too political". Just Groo, 
slaying armies indiscriminately, destroying buildings and businesses 
accidentally,  businesses getting their products made in another 
village at low cost, and laying off their workers, carriage makers 
whining about possibly losing their huge salaries,.... oh. Well, 
those are real problems and deserve to be satirized.  The comic would 
be too political if Sergio and Mark told us what we should do about 
those problems rather than just pointing them out (grin). But why 
were there no pirates? And why did Mark not include my letter in the 
letters page? Just because I forgot to write one, is no excuse!
Rick Loomis
(not a pirate)
Flying Buffalo Inc  www.flyingbuffalo.com
PO Box 8467, Scottsdale, AZ 85252

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