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Ryan Wrote:

I thought that Sergio was already finished with his part a long time ago
and had sent it to the Conan artist guy.

I remember something about that.  But the usual progression, if I recall
correctly (always an iffy proposition) is:

Sergio & Mark talk about the story, 

Sergio roughs it out (and I mean really rough) and sends it to Mark,

Mark writes the dialogue and reworks the panel configuration to one
degree or another. 

Next, I think, Stan does the lettering

Sergio gets the pages back and he does his magic.  

Tom gets cyber copies with which to do the coloring.  

Finally, Magic Elves put everything together and print the comic
somewhere in Canada.  

Or something like that.  


Obviously it's a little more complicated with another artist involved,
but I would think that Mark has to write the dialogue before any art
beyond a rough draft can be done, and I don't recall him telling us that
that had been done.  I thought it was at the rough draft stage.  But as
we know, I can be slow of mind, so hopefully I am wrong and things have
progressed further.  


Gary G. 



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