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Shawn (the girl?  I'm slow of mind.),You should wait until the graphic novel comes out and then you can have all of them in one book.  Cheese dip for nothing aka food for thought.  Here's another Groo translation:  Kopins for nothin' and my wenches for free.  Dire Straits' "Money for nothin' and my chicks for free."  Do you think there're curlers or any sports in the Grooniverse, if you consider curling a sport?  I don't remember sports of any kind, but I'm probably wrong.Grooly,Eli StampDate: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 19:46:55 -0600From: Shawn Moore <uslgrad at hotmail.com>;To:
 <groop at groo.com>;Subject:
 Re: [Groop] Groop: Hogs of HorderMessage-ID: <BAY117-W424E5E7ED62C7C838A143EB53F0 at phx.gbl>;Content-Type:
 text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"I have decided to spare 
myself the torture of waiting a month between books(of course torturing 
myself more by waiting) till the series is finished before reading it, 
so don't tell me anything about what's in them!  Yall shush and don't 
spill anything!  Lalalalalalalalalalala, I can't hear your words I'm 
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