[Groop] RE to Gary, DM, and SWC

elisiaone.iwon elisiaone at iwon.com
Fri Jul 16 14:50:26 PDT 2010

Quit jacking up the price Gary!  Sheesh!  -  "I put in a bid just to get the bidding going.  $1.79 was pretty silly.  I hope the guy has a reserve.  It shouldn't take too long for me to be out bid.  Gary G."  

Despicable Me was freaking funny!  I haven't laughed that hard in awhile and there are touching moments that aren't corny as well.  I guess I'm a Groo/Gru fan no matter how it's spelled. 

Is anyone going to the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando next month?  I am!  E-mail me if so and maybe we could play some Groo Game some night.

Eli Stamp

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