[Groop] Despicable Me!

Chris Emmett mygodaplum at yahoo.co.uk
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You are wearing the 3D glasses aren't you? :-)

Luckily CGI 3D is
easily made in 2D and 3D so I imagine there will always be somewhere
you can go watch the 2D version within reasonable distance. I hope so
anyway, I'm not convinced that every movie needs to be 3D just because.

Groo in a fray in 3D would be like that Jaws moment :-)


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I, too, have trouble 'seeing' 3-D, although I have no vision problems, don't wear glasses and therefore have no excuse for why details in a 3-D film looks blurry to me.  Studios seem convinced that 3-D is what will save the moviegoing experience but the whole 3-D push is beyond me, as the technology just doesn't look markedly different or more advanced than it did in the seventies (to me, at least).

Not sure I'd want to experience GROO 'fraying' in three dimensions anyway.  It would be frighteningly close to actually being slain on the battlefield!


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