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Dieter Opfer dieter at opfer.biz
Thu Jul 29 04:17:12 PDT 2010

And every fool knows that there are only 10 kinds of people in the 
world. Those who get binary and those who don't.

Dieter :)#

On 29/07/2010 7:30 PM, Tom Albitz wrote:
> Hunh. I think I got ripped off then. My prints showed up yesterday
> (Thanks Gary!) but they were numbered 30 and 59...
> They did both have a small number 10 in the lower right corner though,
> so I suppose that could be considered as numbers 1 and 0, and any fool
> can see what that adds up to.
> -Tom
> Steve Hubbell wrote:
>> Actually, they are all numbered #1, but to make filling orders for
>> Groop members easier, Gary had to re-number them, other-wise it would
>> take forever to type out descriptive titles for each print like Groo
>> and the Apes #1, Groo: Friends and Foes #1, Sergio's Greatest
>> Creations #1, and Groo Doing what Groo Does Best #1. (Actually, I
>> think that last one might be #2).
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>> HUZZAH!! Excited to hear that there's going to be more lithographs
>> (but am wondering why they aren't all numbered 'one?')
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>> Hi Folks!
>> I've received a few messages that the lithographs have arrived safe
>> and sound. I hope that is the case for everyone or will be in the next
>> couple of days. As far as I can tell everything worked out great
>> except for one glitch which I hope to fix. I want to thank everyone
>> for getting their payments to me so quickly, especially with respect
>> to lithograph #4. It made it possible for me to mail them all from San
>> Diego and pay Sergio before I left.
>> Sergio says that next year there will be two more lithographs. Tom has
>> been posting them on his facebook page after he's colored them, so we
>> should be able to see both of them before the con next year. What I'd
>> like to do next year is get all of the orders and payments (and
>> addresses that I don't already have) in before the con for #5 & #6,
>> like we did this year for #3, so that I can get them from Sergio, pay
>> him, and mail them off before the con has even started.
>> I wish there was some way those of you with deep pockets, like Paul
>> F., could see the original art in Sergio's portfolio so I could
>> arrange for you to buy some original art (a Groo page, the original
>> art to one of the lithos, etc.) like I did with Paul this year. Maybe
>> by next year we'll have something figured out.
>> Anywho, take care all and I can't wait for the Kunster's Con Report.
>> Gary G.
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