[Groop] FW: The Comic Kuhn Reoprt is now online

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Sat Jul 31 13:20:10 PDT 2010

I meant to send this to everyone.  

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The web site says online registration will be available soon.  So it was just an alotted amount at the con.  Last year they were totally sold out of 4 day passes by around October.  -Gary G. 

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Oh my gosh Steve! Another fantastic report!! Bravo to you and Lee!  Every detail was eaten up and savored. Wow!
My goodness, I cannot believe next years 4-day passes were sold out so quickly! Were these just the allotted amount of tickets to be sold from the Con itself? Do you think they will have more 4-day pass tickets with preview for sale at some later date via the website?
Much, much appreciated!
Shawn (the girl :) Nicholson

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My experiences at in San Diego during Comic Con this year is now complete.   

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