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Sun May 16 16:20:53 PDT 2010

I was going to write out a detailed comic con report, but figured someone can do a much better job of it then me.  Some tidbits:
Gary, if you are keeping track, I bought a Groo/Usagi shit, and it looks terrific.
Sergio only brought a few of the new Litho with him, and had run out by Saturday morning.  He did have about a dozen of the Groo Game for sale though.
I bought a copy of Scatterbrain HC that has a Sergio and Mark story in it.
The Sergio/Stan panel was on the main floor with drapes put up which made it very difficult to hear as there was noise from the rest of the Hall, and announcements over the PA.  Also didnt help that one of the Mics would fade in and out.
Sergio's phone rang during the panel, and it was Mark!
Not too much new info was revealed.  The Mad Marginals book is ready to go to printer and will be a fancy hardcover.  He is continuing Mad monthly, and Simpsons comics.
Groo/Conan is almost finished.

Beyond that, just some funny stories about where he is from, how his father got into movies, and a few stories about the movies Sergio has appeared in.  Also an amusing story about creating the name Groo.

And, when I mentioned to Sergio how I was hoping to purchase the new Litho, he asked if I knew Gary from the Groop and told me that he was going to send a couple dozen to Gary and I should contact him.  I told him how incredible Gary is in making sure we all have opportunities to get merchandise.  
Got to love the Groop!

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