[Groop] Groo & The Big Bang Theory

John T comics230 at cox.net
Sat May 22 07:05:26 PDT 2010

I love the Big Bang Theory. It is one those shows that actually gets the
geek right. (I still miss The Middleman).


Any way, I was thinking. Who on the Big Bank Theory would be fans of Groo &
Usagi Yojimbo?


I can't see Sheldon being a fan. After all it is impossible that
anthropomorphic life could exist. And Groo is, well, Groo. He's a gut
feeling kind of character, definitely not intellectual.


Leonard I can see liking Groo. Leonard is almost normal, I geek sort of way.
Usagi, maybe yes, maybe no.


Again I can Howard being a fan Groo. His sense of humor would fit right in
with Groo. I can also see him being a fan of Space Usagi, but not the


Penny would love Groo, if see ever got read an issue! Right in Groo's wheel


Rajesh is a big fan of both. Heck, I'm surprised that he's not member of the
Groop now. 


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