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Hey Dennis!


There is one Spanish publication that has a few original pages, but they are panels of Sergio introducing the reprinted material.  All other original Groo art that I am aware of are Groo covers.  (There is a cover to a Norwegian publication that is not the reprint of a Groo comics cover, but is a reprint of the Groo cover for a Marvel Age (I don't remember the number off the top of my head) .   


The exact number of original Groo covers for International publications gets a little complicated.  There are the two from France and Germany that you noted and then 40 or so Sergio has done for Spanish Groo publications.  4 of these are altered Epic covers and The Death/Life of Groo Double cover on the cool American hardback edition was originally done for a Spanish publication.  Also, one of the Spanish covers that came out in 1999 and uses a drawing from 1984 that was not previously published.


So the best answer to how many International Groo publications have original covers is probably "Over 40."  


By the way, I have never gotten around to asking Sergio why he did an original version of the cover to Epic #4 for German Groo #5 when the others were reprints.  It was a long time ago, so he might not remember, but it may have been something like the negative to Epic #4 was misplaced and it was just easier for him to redraw it.  


So there you go.


Take care,  Gary G.  





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Hello Groopers


Do you know, how many international Groo publications do contain original art?


I know that the Spanish b/w reprints and TBP have original

cover art and the French "Groo Le Barbare" has original cover art

and those cool Groo marginals. Is there anyone else?


And what has happended to the cover of German Groo #5 (cover of Epic cover #4). 

The soldiers and women look different, and Groo's sword

has been changed? It doesn't look like something Sergio altered.


I have uploaded the two different covers here:









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