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I taped it in HD and checked it out last night.  I did not like the first few minutes so I fast forwarded to the Sergio bit.  I paused the wide angle in high def and studied it for a few minutes.  I could not find anything Groo or Groo related.  I was thinking about taking a pic of the screen and linking to it but I didn't want to do anything improper copyright wise.  I was hoping for Groo as well.  Maybe Sergio left Groo out so the show won't get cancelled immediately.


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I’ll buy a DVD of the show (if one comes out) if there is a Grooin any Sergio art that they use.  
But then, you knew that already didn’t you…

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To say the MAD show is bad is an understatement. Theannimation is annoying and there is not enough set up for the jokes!I think it is short because kids have such a short attention span. I don'tknow how much MAD Magazine is involved, But I think they are trying to appealto kids. They tried in print form with MAD Kids. Since kids do not read anymorethey are trying it on T.V. As a MAD collector who buys anything MAD related, Iwill buy the DVD of the show no matter how good or bad it gets.

---Mike Skinner

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