[Groop] OT - Creator Cards

John T comics230 at cox.net
Wed Sep 15 16:11:18 PDT 2010

Out of the box, I pulled 3 complete sets & 2 extra Sergio cards. I am keepin
one of the Sergio cards. I do already have a set. So I have 1 Sergio & 3
complete sets up for grabs. Also, if there are any other creators you may be
interested in, let me know. (Please, just e-mail me, not the whole Groop
with any requests.) 


On another note, if you are responding to e-mail for the whole Groop, use
only the Groop e-mail. If you are responding personally just use the single
e-mail. Otherwise the orginally e-mailer gets two replies. And two e-mail
for each additional reply. Just a pet peive (one of many).


John P. Torregrossa

PO Box 28184

Providence, RI 02908-0184

eBay ID: Groo

eBay Store: ParaFANalia Toys & Stuff

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