[Groop] More OT stuff

John T comics230 at cox.net
Fri Sep 17 19:52:42 PDT 2010

I recently signed up for the SETI at home project. It uses your computer during
down times (Distributed Computing) to search signals from space. It looks
for non-natural signals. In other words, little green men. I used to belong
a decade or so ago, but lost my password. Since the account was set up with
an AOL account, which I didn't have any more, I lost nearly 2,000 hours of
credits. Well, C'est la vie. 


Is any one else a member? 


If not you can join at:




There also a whole bunch of other Distributed Computing project you can join


John P. Torregrossa

PO Box 28184

Providence, RI 02908-0184

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