[Groop] International Groo

Magnus Lindgren magnus at fireflake.com
Wed Oct 26 04:07:27 PDT 2011

Hi everyone!

I seldom post on this list but I always read about Groo news. I have some
local bad news, my comic book shop that supplied me with all my Groo issues
since the last 20 years or so has went out of business.

I have a question to all international (non-US) Groopers out there: How do
you order the latest issues of Groo / Sergio related stuff? As I live in
Europe (Sweden to be more specific) I would prefer a shop within EU since
there otherwise might be trouble with importing taxes etc.

Anyone have a good suggestion for a good shop? Preferably someone who can
offer subscriptions etc. I also follow some other comics but it's only Groo
/ Sergio that I can't live without!


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