[Groop] Groo vs. Conan: April 18, 2012!

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GREAT NEWS, can't wait. Time to start stockpiling cheese dip, mulch and warm pork!
-Larry "mrgrooism" Steller 

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>I can't believe nobody here is talking about it:
>Groo News from NewsFromMe.com:
>The big Groo News is that there is Groo News. I promised many folks
>that when we had a firm release date for the Groo Vs. Conan
>mini-series, I would report it here. I can report here that the first
>issue will be out the third week of April of 2012, the second and
>third will follow in May and June, and then the final issue will be
>out the week of next year's Comic-Con International, which is in July.
>The first two issues, which are by Sergio Aragonés, Tom Yeates and
>Yours Truly (with coloring by Tom Luth) have been completed. Sergio
>and I are working on #3 this week. In this deathless series, Groo the
>Wanderer sorta/kinda meets Conan the Barbarian and they battle to the
>death not one but several times. Also running around the pages are
>Sergio and me, and it's all a very silly story that we hope you will
>enjoy. End of plug for that.
>Plug For Something Else: Sergio continues to produce Sergio Aragonés
>Funnies, a regular comic from the fine folks at Bongo. In some ways, I
>like this comic better than Groo the Wanderer because I get paid
>exactly the same (i.e., zero) but I don't have to do any work on it.
>Pick up a copy wherever the best comics are sold.
>Chad Riden
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