[Groop] Groo's gone digital!!!

Gary Grossmann garyg5678 at live.com
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Ack!  I'll need to buy THREE copies!
One to have Sergio digitally sign so I can digitally frame it and hang it on my digital wall,
One to digitally slab and have it digitally graded at 10.0 so I can try to sell it on ebay for $500, and 
One to digitally mess up while reading with digital french fry grease fingerprints and digital coffee.  
Now I just need to figure out how to note the digital versions on The Official Unofficial Groo List!
Digitally yours,
Gary G. 

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I'll have to buy two copies. One to read and one to keep in a plastic bag forever!

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OK, I know a lot of you won't care, and I also know a lot more of you would prefer to read your comics on paper.  If you fall into either of those two catagories, then don't read this.

For those of you, like me, who like to read your comics digitally (and legally), Groo has finally begun showing up on Dark Horse's digital comics line


First set they have up is Hogs of Hoarder.  Maybe with a little motivation by us and some good sales, Sergio & Mark will put the rest of the series up as well.


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