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Para 1: I'm not sure that is true. Legally you're allowed to make a backup copy in case your original gets broken but I don't think that covers usage at the same time in another medium. Hence my consideration about using my backups in my NAS streaming to a media player. Totally true about opening it up to the web being illegal though.

Para 2: Yep that's what I've been saying.

Para 3: Exactly. More clearly stated than my scribble :-)


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>> I was considering in the light of all the comments whether my DVD backups
>> for NAS were actually pirate in the face of the availability of official digital versions
>> online. As I said I don't know the answer to this.
>Copyright laws in most parts of the world (including, I'm pretty sure,
>the UK) are quite clear on this - if you own the DVD, you're perfectly
>within your rights to make a copy of it for your own personal use -
>this includes format shifting so you can watch it on your PC or iPad,
>or making a copy for backup purposes.  It's the same as importing a CD
>you own into iTunes so you can listen to it on your iPod.  (Of course,
>if you copy all your DVDs to your NAS then open it up to the web and
>make your copies available for anyone to download, it's a very
>different story.)
>As for the main debate... well, I would love to have high-quality
>digital copies of my entire Groo collection to carry around with me on
>the new tablet I bought a couple of weeks ago.  The fact that people
>are downloading the scanned versions shows there's demand for it -
>people are willing to *break the law* to get low-quality, unlicenced
>digital Groo.  If there were legit versions available, then yes, they
>would still lose potential sales from people pirating it.  But there
>are also plenty of people out there who would be willing and happy to
>pay, and right now they are definitely losing every single one of
>those sales.
>That said, Groo belongs to Sergio and ME, and they have the only say
>that matters in terms of how they licence Groo to be sold.  So if they
>say they're not going to sell Groo in a digital format, then that's
>that - unless they change their minds, we can't buy Groo in a digital
>format.  Each person then has to decide for themselves whether
>downloading dodgy copies off the internet is a) worth the risk of
>legal repercussions if they get caught; and b) something their
>conscience will allow them to do when they know full well that the
>creators of this comic that they love have explicitly said they don't
>want people doing that.
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