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Remember the good old days when we read comic books by reading comic books?
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Anyone who would import GROO to their Kindle, tablet or other e-reader is not thinking clearly (as any fool can plainly see).  The device would surely implode upon download!

("Huzzah!  I've just downloaded digital GROO!" <device fizzles and dies>  "Did I err?")

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The Dark Horse Digital site specifies that their comics cannot be read on Kindles, but can be on a Nook/Android. Not sure why.... Maybe the software won't enlarge the pages properly? Kinda hard to read if they shrink them down to fit the Kindle screens. (I'm waiting for the Kindle versions, too. Or, at least, one I can download to my netbook and read off-line.) It's kinda cool to read Groo on a full screen, and all, but the DH on-line version of 25th Anniv isn't as "responsive" as the paper version....


>But I recently acquired a Kindle Fire, and if genuine Groo  
> comics are offered by ME and Sergio in that format, I will buy them 
 > again, even tho I have them all in hardcopy! I try to respect the 
 > rights of authors and artists.
 > Rick Loomis
 > (Definitely not a pirate)> 
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