[Groop] IDW Groo Book

Ronny Hansen groop1 at groo.org
Mon Apr 9 11:15:26 PDT 2012

Just checked the postage to Norway. TFAW and IDW both want $60, but 
Forbidden Planet want £55. That's $95.. 
Have Amazon sold these books in the past? They usually have good pre-
order discount and ok shipping charges.

Ronny Hansen

> Hi Folks!
> IDW is now taking pre-orders. Their price is $100. Here is the website:
> https://shop.idwpublishing.com/sergio-aragones-groo-the-wanderer-artists-edition-pre-order.html
> This looks like the least expensive price (outside the UK I guess). International Groopies outside 
> the UK should check to see if either IDW or Forbidden Planet withh ship outside their respective 
> countries. If not, we can figure something out. I know the price tag is more than a lot of you want 
> to spend, but I'd hate to think of folks outside the USA and UK not being able to get it if they want 
> it. 
> Take care all,
> Gary G. 

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