[Groop] Full Set of Groo!

elisiaone.iwon elisiaone at iwon.com
Wed Apr 18 01:11:53 PDT 2012

I just got this e-mail from Chuck.  I thought someone in the Groop could benefit from it:

 Howdy! I am writing to let you know that we have in stock today a complete set of the MARVEL/EPIC GROO THE WANDERER #1-#120. This is the first time since 1996 that we have been able to offer all the different Marvel issues of GROO! Since you have ordered GROO issues from us in the past, we thought that would like to know about this unexpected availability, especially the rare MARVEL/EPIC GROO #90-#120 issues. We do also have quite a few of the Pacific, Eclipse, Image, and Dark Horse GROO comics in stock right now, all of which you can purchase for half price when you utilize our ongoing 50% off MADNESS! codeword. Simply type MADNESS! into the codeword line provided for you on our order form, and our computer will then automatically drop all the prices for qualifying items in your order in half. The MADNESS! codeword applies to all of the back issue comics and magazines listed on our website, except new comics from the past 12 months, and our CGC-graded issues. Also not included in the 50% off MADNESS! codeword sale are our 250,000+ trade paperbacks and hardbacks. That having been said, most GROO trade paperbacks are long out of print and nearly impossible find, so it's almost a moot point. We were fortunate enough, however, to score a small warehouse find of  GROO THE ADVENTURER trade paperbacks a few years back, so I am going to offer a free copy of that scarce GROO book as a free bonus for placing any order for $20, or more with us over the upcoming weekend. Simply place your qualifying order with us, and then ask for your free GROO trade paperback in the Notes area of our online order form. You need not, by the way, limit your order to just GROO comics to qualify for the free trade paperback. Any order placed with us over $20 during this weekend will qualify you for the free book! Happy collecting! Chuck Rozanski,President - Mile High Comics, Inc.    Groo Items in Stock GROO THE WANDERER (1985)GROO (1982)GROO (IMAGE) (1994)GROO (1998)GROO CHRONICLES (1989)GROO ADVENTURER TPBGROO SPECIAL (1984)DEATH OF GROO GN (1987)GROO: MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD (2000)SERGIO ARAGONES' GROO & RUFFERTOGROO: DEATH & TAXES (2001)LIFE OF GROO THE WANDERER GN (1993)GROO CARNIVAL TPBGROO: EXPOSE TPBGROO HOUNDBOOK TPBGROO: HELL ON EARTH (2007)GROO 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL (2007)GROO: HOGS OF HORDER (2009)DESTROYER DUCK (1982) (First Groo) Sergio Aragonés Items in StockJON SABLE FREELANCE (1983) (Issue #33)MIGHTY MAGNORSERGIO ARAGONES' ACTIONS SPEAK (2001) SERGIO ARAGONES' DAY OF THE DEAD SERGIO ARAGONES' BOOGEYMAN SERGIO ARAGONES' LOUDER THAN WORDS SERGIO ARAGONES FUNNIES (2011) SERGIO'S BLAIR WHICHSPACE CIRCUS (2000) DC SUPER-STARS (1976) (Issue #13)FANBOY FANBOY TPB (2001)HOUSE OF MYSTERY (1951) (Issue #202; Shazam Award Winner)PLOP (1973)PLOP MILLENNIUM EDITIONSOLO (2004) (Issue #11)BART SIMPSON COMICS (2000) (contributor from issue 50)SIMPSONS COMICS (BONGO) (Issue #163)Additional Sergio Aragonés Items on Site

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