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David Graham david at davidgraham.com
Fri Aug 24 15:35:50 PDT 2012

Just a quick note if anyone's interested, IDW have some of the limited edition copies available for sale at their store https://shop.idwpublishing.com/sergio-aragones-groo-the-wanderer-artist-edition-limited-edition-variant.html

I was struggling to find the money for this when Gary was doing his heroics (again), but have regretted it since. I had the 'standard' variant on pre-order with Forbidden Planet here in the UK for only £38, although the online price went up to £75 before release date they honoured my pre-order price and I received my copy a few weeks after Gary's lot had been posted out.

Still can't really afford it, but I've ordered the limited edition one now, my theory being that in 5/10 years when one comes up for sale on Ebay for $500 I can start to feel like I did the right thing. Right now it can go away till Christmas, missed out on the personalisation but hey-hoh, maybe one day I'll get to meet Sergio and I'll take it along then.

Everyone have a good weekend

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