[Groop] New Groo mini-series ahead?

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Stan wrote "This is not "Groo Meets Conan".  I am not doing the lettering for that one.  I think they are currently working on the third issue of the 5-part mini-series.  I don't know where this story goes (though I can guess).  They just send me pages, and I letter them."
He has stated that Sergio, Mark, and the rest are currently working on issue #3 of "Groo Meets Conan" BUT the page that Stan is lettering is from something else. 
My guess is for a short story in "Dark Horse Presents" or maybe a "Free Comic Book Day" publication (less likely).

Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 20:30:03 +0100
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Subject: [Groop] New Groo mini-series ahead?


Hey Groopers

Stan Sakai has posted a picture of a Groo page, which he is about
to letter, and he writes that it is issue #3 of a new 5-part mini-series!! 

You can see it here:

Is it the Friends & Foes series, or another one, we haven't yet heard about? 
Is Mark still part of the Groop mailinglist? Perhaps he could confirm?

Perhaps 2014 will be a Groo year with "Groo vs Conan" AND the new mini-series??!! I hope! :-D  



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