[Groop] More digital Groo

Elie A. Harriett elie at harriett.us
Wed Feb 6 18:07:58 PST 2013

It's new comic book day and Dark Horse has another new Groo release today.  This week: The Groo Inferno.  This is the first reprint I have seen of the Groo Epic/Marvel run (four of the earlier issues, I believe?).  

In typical getting-it-wrong/Groo fashion, the description says you can buy it for $10.  Then right under the description it says you purchase it for $5.99.  I wonder if Dark Horse recognizes the irony.

Of course, I got it the moment I saw the listing.  

I'd also like to say I really like the fact that the crew is reissuing Groo by storyline/batches rather than as individual issues.  Not only is it less costly, but it makes Groo more convenient for me in this "graphic novel" format.  

I hope they keep it up.  Got no problem rebuying my Groos.  

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