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Thanks, John. 

I sometimes get really frustrated with the U.S. media.  The first three or four articles I read on the Disney thing really went out of their way to villify the company - uneccesarily, in my opinion.  None of those articles featured a statement from Disney and it took quite a bit of reading to get the gist of of what really happened.  I miss being able to hear both sides.

Also, news here seems so much more embellished (or in some cases, fabricated) than the news is elsewhere in the world.  I recently relocated back to the U.S. after spending two years in Europe and it was really refreshing to be able to walk into a pub over there and see the newscasters just relaying the facts and not interjecting their own public opinion or echoing a popular slant.  They were able to share a lot more information that way, too!  In this day and age, big companies and corporations have a big target on their chests with regard to the media but I truly believe that a few rotten apples get most of the airtime (the overwhelming majority of big companies don't have ridiculously overpaid CEOs or corrupt plans to fleece Americans but their stories I guess aren't dramatic enough for journalists).  Disney isn't perfect, but for all their faults, they do a LOT of good.  The amount they give to charities (and the number of charities and causes they give to) is unbelievable!

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> Rocky,
> Thank you. I love to hear about inside working on this type of stuff. In today's world, you hear so much speculation & uninformed opinions that is nice hear from somebody who know how it really is. Even if it is a trivial matter.
> John T.
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