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Nice words thanks Gary, And true (not that I was at "that" con) 



RIP Dougie, you did good work and set a fine example for all while you were
here with us bro!




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Hi Fellow Groopies and Friends of Dougie McCoy,
I can't really add anything to what others have already said.  Go read
Mark's blog.  He's not fibbing.  Dougie did not seem out of place at all up
there with the cartoonist legends at Quick Draw! And he was floating on air
for the rest of the Con.  
But more importantly, Dougie was just a sweet, sweet guy.  Anyone who didn't
like Dougie was a seriously flawed person.  I shared a hotel room with him
and a couple others at Comic-Con years ago and he was so darn easy about
everything it made you smile.  Plus he let me eat his chocolate covered
He may not have been a "successful" cartoonist by some standards, but he was
a very, very successful person by any standard of significance.  
Take care all,  
Gary G.    

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