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Steve Hubbell usagigoya at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 31 00:21:14 PDT 2014

My poster arrived safe, sound, and very promptly. Perfect condition.
UPS are idiots!
I bought one of those Guitar Hero III PS2 games for my nephew for Christmas back in 2008. Amazon shipped it UPS. They delivered it nice and quick, leaving it on the front porch after ringing the doorbell, not bothering to wait for anyone to actually answer the door. As far as the package, the outer packaging, the box for the guitar, and the guitar itself all looked like it had fallen off the back end of the UPS truck, and the driver stopped and backed up over it, possibly twice. And they delivered it like that. Amazon sent a replacement right away of course. 
I ordered some custom Christmas cards from the on-line fishy printing place (name escapes me at the moment). Of course they did not specify during the ordering process that the package would be shipped by UPS. My standard address for everything is usually a USPS post office box. UPS does not deliver to the post office. So, instead of trying to contact me, or the sender, UPS decides to deliver my package to an address where I had lived approximately 8 years earlier. I ended up knocking on the door of my old apartment with no idea who lived their currently to ask if they had found a package addressed to me on their doorstep (again, UPS just left the package without actually waiting for the resident to answer the door).
Next order I placed with the fishy card people, I had the package sent to a residental address, so UPS shipped the package cross country, then handed it off to the local post office to complete the final step of delivering the package to the actual house.   ????
I literally cringe every time I learn that something I have purchased is being sent by UPS because I know that I will more than likely have a serious headache by the time it arrives from having to deal with the morons.
As incompetent as the USPS can be, I will take them anyday, including Sunday, over UPS.  

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   If we need to replace the poster, we will do that. I worked with the regional manager of the US post office to get these shipped. You are in Pennsylvania, correct? Keep the packaging and, if you can, send me pictures right away. I believe there is insurance on the Priority Mail shipments. One way or another, we'll make this right as soon as possible.
   On August 30, 2014 at 12:20 AM jjfonte at comcast.net wrote:

     Got my poster the other day; pretty impressive.  Frame-worthy.  Only comment is, it was sent via USPS instead of UPS or FedEx, so OF COURSE it came crushed.  The tube it was rolled in looked like either someone stepped on it or the USPS government workers used it in a swordfight.  I am trying to iron out the damage by hard pressing out all the creases, but not too successful.  I never have had a problem with UPS or FedEx....
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