[Groop] Greeting From the Con!

Ronny Hansen groop1 at groo.org
Thu Jul 24 14:15:16 PDT 2014

Can't wait to get mine. It looks amazing. 
Great to have so much new Groo stuff coming. I have to admit I couldn't 
wait for Groo vs Conan #1 to arrive over here, so I bought the digital copy 
too yesterday :) 

Ronny Hansen

> Hi Folks!
> Well, I'm here in San Diego and the Con is underway. I must admit that things seem 
> a little different this year knowing that regulars like Steve (The Kunster!), Dana, 
> Chris, and some other won't be here. I think we should all try to go to WonderCon 
> and/or BigWow Con since you can actually get tickets to those without having to 
> achieve the equivalent of winning the lottery.
> Anywho, now that I have seen it, I must tell the poster is EVEN MORE AMAZING 
> then it looks online! You can look at that drawing for ages and not see everything. 
> Because of the paper George selected, the colors just jump out at you. And Tom's 
> coloring is unbelievable. He is to coloring what Sergio is to cartooning and the 
> results of the combination are spectacular. 
> One thing I want to ask you all. I usually know how many of you purchased 
> something like this, but not this time. So, I'm wondering how many of you have 
> ordered posters? An how many more plan to do so? I'm curious to know about how 
> many of the posters are ordered online are from our illustrious Groop!
> Take care all,
> Gary G. 

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