[Groop] Greeting From the Con!

David Graham david at davidgraham.com
Thu Jul 24 15:51:52 PDT 2014

You make a good point! I’ve had a copy of ‘The Groo Treasury Volume 1’ on pre-order since 27th November 2011 for the princely sum of £13.10.

Not sure if companies are honour bound to match pre-order prices after 2.5 years but whatever the price, lets hope Sergio has found his old sketches and this book can go ahead with all of the new projects as well.


On 24 Jul 2014, at 22:53, grimdel at yahoo.com wrote:

> Sergio should get hit on the head more often ... Just say'n...  (And I bet Mark will be glad to volunteer for that!)
> Alex
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> On Thu, 7/24/14, Ronny Hansen <groop1 at groo.org> wrote:
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> Date: Thursday, July 24, 2014, 5:15 PM
> Can't wait to get
> mine. It looks amazing. 
> Great to have so
> much new Groo stuff coming. I have to admit I couldn't
> wait for Groo vs Conan #1 to arrive over
> here, so I bought the digital copy 
> too
> yesterday :) 
> -
> Ronny Hansen

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