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David Graham david at davidgraham.com
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Does Sergio have his portfolio online anywhere? I have managed to pick up a couple of original pieces over the years but the trip over from Scotland is a bit of a major event, it would be nice to see what Sergio has for sale, with the added bonus of the money going straight to him rather than ebay!


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Michael, Michael, Michael!  
If you saw the magnificent poster up close and personal you would not consider it overpriced.  The detail is incredible (and hilarious!) and the vibrant color jumps out at you due to the type of paper that was used.  I think it's more than a fair price, especially compared to some of the MAD stuff I've picked up for you in the past.  
I addition to the poster there was of course Groo vs. Conan, part 1.  And there is the original art in his two portfolios ranging from $150 to $2000, plus you can commission him to do something overnight.  And other stuff like hats and magnets that typically are only availble at cons, but which the Groop has been able to get.  
And as far as meeting Sergio, I realize I'm a little biased, and perhaps a little crazed, but I never get tired of seeing Sergio and watching the magic that is his drawing.  Plus he is the most charming and interesting man I have ever met.  And you will always get some special attention if you tell him you are a member of the Groop.   
So yeah, maybe 3,000 miles is a little much, but now that he is healthy again, he plans to go to more cons.  He'll be in Boston is less than two weeks!!  If I can find a cheap plane ticket, I'LL go 3,000 miles to get there!!  And if I was in Pennsylvania it would be a no-brainer!
Take care all,
Gary G. 

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So just to recap,
There was nothing new at San Diego except the over priced poster. Sergio has nothing in the program ( it seems like nothing in many years) or souvenir book?
If so, I do not see any point in trying to go to CA from PA when I have already met Sergio more than once.
Take care, Mike Skinner

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