[Groop] 2014: A Very Groo Year

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Sat Mar 1 16:44:13 PST 2014

*squeals like little girl*

On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 1:07 PM, Gary Grossmann <garyg5678 at live.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks!
> I talked to Sergio last night and he will make sure there are enough of
> the posters for the Groop.   Your response has been great!!  I'm sure most
> of you are aware of the situation Stan and his family have been dealing
> with.  Sharon has an inoperable brain tumor and after a lengthy hospital
> stay is now home but needs 24 hour care.  No matter what kind of coverage
> you have under a situation like that big time non-covered bills pile up.
> I will let you know when to send me the funds and how much the postage
> will be for the different places.  I'm already looking into the cheapest
> way to buy the tubes, unless it turns out to be cheaper to use envelopes
> and very stiff cardboard.
> Also, save your kopins for the Sharon benefit book that will be coming out
> with another really cool piece of Groo art plus a bunch of stuff from other
> artists.  Some of you may have seen it when Tom briefly posted it.  It's
> Groo & Usagi about to do battle with various lizard warriors and the like.
> Buying it won't require a middle man.  Someone in the Groop, if not me,
> will let us all know when it's available.
> Sergio is completely healthy and 2014 will (finally!) be a big year for
> Groo!
>    - There is a three part, 8-page each Groo story coming out soon in
>    successive issues of Dark Horse Presents.  I don't know which issues, but
>    they are completely done, so it should be very soon.
>    - Groo vs. Conan is actually finished and the first issue will
>    probably be released in July to coincide with San Diego and then the 3
>    months after that.
>    - Then for the next 12 months, the long awaited Friends and Enemies
>    Groo series will be issued.  Sergio is already working on it so he'll have
>    the series half done by the time the first issue comes out in November.
> So everyone save your kopins and take care,
> Gary G.
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