[Groop] Giant Sergio Art!

Tom Albitz txa13 at psu.edu
Wed Jul 8 03:30:23 PDT 2015

Wow! That is awesome! Any chance I could get a copy of that wall for my house? ;) 


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> Hi Folks!

> Went to the San Diego Comic-Con art exhibit at the Library today. It was way
> cool! The wraparound dust jacket/cover art for the 40th anniversary con book
> was not 8' x 15' as I had supposed. It was 12' x 25'!!! It looked so cool!
> Plus, the pencils and original art was there too. Hope you enjoy the
> attached pic.

> Gary G.

> PS It's looking good for getting enough Hardcover books for everyone who
> wants one. Keep your fingers crossed!

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