[Groop] Groo vs Conan has arrived

Rocky Smith mulch3 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 30 15:42:41 PDT 2015

All Hail GROOtiful Gary!  

Endless appreciation, G, for reminding me about the opportunity, for your tireless efforts to make the sales happen for us 'absentees' and for taking on the complex logistics of mailing out all those copies (received mine in good order by the way).


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Got mine too.  Gracious thanks, Gary!Alex From: groop-bounces at groo.com [mailto:groop-bounces at groo.com] On Behalf Of robert kroyton
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Subject: [Groop] Groo vs Conan has arrived And once again Gary comes through for us. Gary is indeed a giant walking with mortal men. Thank you again fine sir for your assistance.  Rob
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