[Groop]Re: Groo in other languages

Azamin azamin7@medical-online.net
Mon, 07 Aug 2000 11:09:15 +0800

Lawrence Steller wrote:
(sorry, Larry I erred.  I want to reply to the groop but I forgot to change
the address and sent the previous one to you instead and you got this mail

> --- Gary Grossmann <grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:
> > The complete list of known international Groos is
> > below, modified for the e-mail from the Groo List.
> Mark:
> At one point during the San Diego ComicCon Gary &
> Sergio were chatting and Sergio commented that he had
> never been paid for the Malaysian Groos. (I know, this
> sounds like the continuation of an old running joke,
> but he was serious).
> How many of the items on Gary's list were authorized
> translations, and how many were knockoffs? Were the
> Malaysian Groos originally authorized, and the
> publishers welched on the payments, or were they
> pirated?

I don't know about the deal between Sergio and The Sun newspaper in
Malaysia but The Sun newspaper did invited/bring Sergio to Malaysia in
1997.  Mark, can you ask Sergio about this Malaysian The Sun newspaper
Groo reprints?  (Maybe that's why it stop reprinting it in their
newspaper or the deals was just to promote Groo comics to the Malaysian

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.