[Groop]Re[ spoiler:::contains ans to Finn's question]

bj.trapp bk.trapp@sk.sympatico.ca
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 21:13:29 -0500

Sounds a whole lot like issue no 48 with the desert and
the cooked vultures cover.

Finn Smith wrote:
> Scene #1:
> In one panel of the comic, Groo is walking past what appears to be a cave
> wall which is engraved with the words "No Groos".  Also carved into the wall
> is a circle with Groo's head inside and an "X" over his visage.  In this
> panel Groo's dialogue is "Absolutely positive!"
> Hint: This story also features a character named "Muki"
> Good luck and happy hunting-
> finn
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