[Groop]Groo Chess Set?

Vaughn Seward vaughn@sewardconsulting.com
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 12:29:57 -0700

*** This was orignally send to groo-l@groo.com, sorry if you are getting 
this twice ***

Hey Groop,

Have we ever discussed the idea of a Groo chess set? If so, please pardon 
my indulging in the following:

King: Groo
Queen: Grooella
Bishop 1: Minstrel
Biship 2: Sage
Knight 1: Pal
Knight 2: Drum
Rook 1: Chakaal
Rook 2: Arcadio
Pawn: Rufferto & his brothers and sisters

I chose Groo as king as the game would be over (from the Groo fan 
perspective) if Groo is captured in the game. That is, to win the game you 
would have to check-mate your opponent's Groo. Besides, in Groo chess he 
wouldn't be called 'King' he'd simply be Groo (another idea is to have only 
one Groo that starts in the middle of the board or something. Players would 
either move one of their own pieces or move Groo in some pre-determined 

ME & Sergio could make more money by marketing peices for all the various 
characters...a given player could choose what pieces they wanted for any 
given game (a la Magic). Another approach would be to make the board bigger 
(i.e. 10x10 or 11x11).

I haven't/wouldn't buy Groo action figures but I'd likely buy a well done 
Groo chess set complete with a cheese-dip sea-blue coloured chess board.

P.S. We could even make up our own rules (e.g. Groo could move like a Queen 
to any unoccupied square on the board and wipe out every piece in a 
one-square perimeter including pieces from his own army. To keep the game 
going longer than 10 minutes we could impose that this move can only be 
done once in any given game).

~Vaughn Seward