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Gabriel Owens dweezil33@hotmail.com
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 21:47:31 PDT

>So Larry Says:
>More than you could possibly want to know!!! READ ON AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
>I mean, do I dare even BEGIN to explain the years worth of inside jokes?

> >>Welcome Ian, and welcome Chris AKA Glorko, too! (I mean the Late Chris
> >>Schechner, AKA the Late King Glorko)
>Well, what can I say to this one, other than that it was revealed a long 
>ago that Chris is the king-in-exile of the planet Zoltran Eya know, we 
>make any more sense than thisE>
> >>Now, about the whining of the Late Gary Grossmann. Be fair, Late Gary,
> >>you know you can't take it with you, because the coffin will be waaay 
> >>small. It's only fair that Finn and Ian share the wealth.
>I'm not sure how much you know about the various members of the Groop, but
>all you really need to know is that Gary just MIGHT have more Groo stuff 
>even Mark Evanier, his goal seems to be to own more Groo stuff than has 
>been produced.
> >>9: The body of a Brazilian master spy and legendary cryptographer found
> >>smothered in cheesedip.
>This a was a reference to our Brazilian Groopers who either post in
>Portuguese or in confusing semi-English
> >>7. Mark Evanier FINALLY able to catch up on his back email.
>You see, as prolific as Mark is, I'm pretty shocked that he has time to 
>GROOP mail AT ALL in addition to whatever personal & professional
>correspondences he deals with. And yet he always responds promptly to our
> >>6. Issue #1 of THE WHOLE ENCHILADA signed by the late Nate Piekos fetch
> >>$23,000 at Christie's Auction
>This refers to Grooper Nate Piekos' first hilarious effort at 
>a comic book.

You mean his comic is hilarious or the idea he's publishing a comic is 

BTW, I understand through Erin (she told me in brackets) was tracking down a 
Groo License and Statue, but decided against it when she (it?) got an email 
warning from Malaysia about them being infected with a virus (maybe curse), 
either Dognuts.exe or sweatart.afu.

How's about that Lar?

Be dangerous... and unpredictable.  And make a lot of noise!
"And Primus said unto them:  Be fruitful, and have multiple transformations. 
  Take this coupon, as it is good at all TRUs."

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