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Gary Grossmann grossfam@olywa.net
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 22:06:44 -0800

WhooHoo!!!  Congratulations!  Pass out the chocolate cigars!!

Another little Groo fan has come into the world!  (and DareDevil fan, too,
right?)   Hey, what was the birth date?  My wife and I just had our 24th
wedding anniversary.  (Yes, that's right, the long suffering Mrs. G. has
been suffering for two dozen years.)

And by the way, I recall someone writing that they were tired of obviously
slanted political comments from the Groop since we are supposed to be
talking about the Groo.  (Personally, I tried looking at them all slanted
and they still looked like the guy who's been steeped in insider politics
literally since he was a toddler, the guy who seems to think the presidency
is like being named president of the frat his daddy belonged to, the
so-called anti-corporate man who nonetheless is a millionaire via his
corporate portfolio, and, oh yeah, the raving xenophobic fascist.  But I
digress.)  So anyway, I thought I would inject some much needed GROO into
the dialogue.

GROO IS EVERYWHERE!  OK, so there hasn't been an actual Groo adventure
lately and he hasn't guest starred on "Johnny Bravo" or "The Power Puff
Girls", but he has been making those wonderful little Groo appearances.
(That nobody cares about except me.)

There is a little Groo in the Jingle Belle Hullabaloo Special (or whatever
the title is.  It's still in my file downtown)  The story is great too, as
are the other contributions)

There is a Groo on the cover of the latest edition (#7) of the CBG 2001
Price Guide.  There is also Rufferto and Sergio and Mark and Scott Shaw and
Stan.  And it's all on a shiny stiff cover and it looks really cool!

And there is also a tiny Groo in MAD #400.  OK.  I am officially
hyperventilating now.  I must stop.  Oh, here comes my wife.  What?  No
Medication?!?  Ohhhh.  You are trying that new therapy.  Whoo.  Now I.m
hyperventilating for a different reason.  Groo?  What's a Groo?  OK guys, I
really gotta go now!  Hmmm.  24 years!!       -Gary G.

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> Can't remember if I told you folks or not that we were expecting. Can't
> remember if I told you folks or not whether our expectations were
> fulfilled! ;)
> Anyway, I've got a new daughter: Alana Corinne Salloom Hall, and just
> wanted to share the news with my fellow Groopers.
> Kevin