[Groop]Occupational Hazards

Lawrence Steller sheikofentropy@yahoo.com
Sun, 1 Oct 2000 20:06:08 -0700 (PDT)

Have I missed mention of this on the Groo List?

When I picked up this weeks stack of comics at my
favorite comic store, Midtown Comics (plug, plug), as
often happens my pal Gol had thrown something in with
my reserves that he somehow thought I'd be interested
in. I don't know HOW he knew, but boy was he on the

The book was OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS, by The Groop's own
Rick Beckley (you do check out his WHISTLING PAST THE
admit I haven't checked it out in waaaaay too long,
which is probably how I almost missed this!)

Funny thing is, I decided to buy it instead of putting
it back based solely on the fact that the premise
seemed interesting and that it was a COMIC BOOK LEGAL
DEFENSE FUND benefit project. In other wordsŠ

I bought it having no idea this was Rick's project!!! 

Oddly enough, when I first scanned the inside front
cover and saw the list of names who contributed
anecdotal information to make up these True Comics Biz
Stories - including heavy hitters like Mike Baron,
Mark Waid and Erik Larsen, I only caught Rick's name
in the credits AFTER another name near and dear to us
popped up off the "profuse thanks" section of the

Our own Nate Piekos! AGAIN!!!

So major kudos to Rick Beckley on a fun project for a
good cause! Pick it up if your store has got it; if
not, I'll see if Midtown Comics has more for those who
want (I would guess Rick could probably hook up those
who are interested, too)

And Nate? Keep that ankle jammed in the door of
opportunity, your hard work is just starting to pay off!

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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