[Groop]Re:Arrgghh! (More Off Topic)

Jeffrey Lim geoforce@pacific.net.sg
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 20:41:46 +0800

>robbed at gun point when she was behind the counter so she's
>been laid off without pay until she passes a lie detector test to prove it
>wasn't an inside job.  (It's even money whether she will pass the test.
>I just want>her to stay in Arkansas.)

~~ Just tell your niece not to blink too much & she may pass the test

>Also currently in attendence is  my 18 year old niece and her 1 year old,
>who at least live in there own subsidized apartment, but spend a lot of
time >over here, especially around meal times.

~~ You should start serving cheese-dip at dinner time

Jeffrey Lim