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Lawrence Steller sheikofentropy@yahoo.com
Sun, 8 Oct 2000 22:02:54 -0700 (PDT)

--- schechner & associates <schechnr@flash.net> wrote:

...So I ventured out
> to my favorite comic
> shop (Keith's Comics) to pick up the stuff they had
> been saving for me in
> my box


> ...I'm thrilled that a comic store would
>  take such care to please a single
> customer (who really doesn't spend much money on
> comics.)
> So if you guys need to have another source for
> comics, check out Keith's
> web site. He's a really good dealer.
> http://www.keithsneatstuff.com/

In talking about what's wrong with comics and what's
right, there are little tiny things we can do to help
make things better. On the one hand, maybe I'm talking
about throwing a water glass at a forest fire, but on
the other hand, there's no better advertising than
word of mouth, and that is doubly true today thanks to
the Internet.

We've talked before about buying an extra issue of
your favorite comic and giving it away free to someone
who doesn't already read comics, in hopes of sparking
interest and creating new fans (especially kids). 

Then there's what Chris just did, and which some of us
have casually done in the last few years, and that's
publicly talking up those comics retailers who go the
extra mile. I've done it for my store (in fact, I've
just recently plugged them so I won't detract from
Chris's plug by replugging my plug. Ummm...), and I'd
be interested in hearing from others who have better
than average resources. (And no, I don't recommend
posting bad experiences about poor retailers. Let's
keep it positive!)

I learned something new at the San Diego Comics Con,
and that is the fact that I am SPOILED ROTTEN living
in New York, where there are many, many comic book
stores, some good, some great, some bad, some
pathetic. What I didn't fully realize, even though I'd
caught glimpses of this on this Groo List, is that
most people don't get to CHOOSE their store (Internet
aside), and many are lucky to have a comic book store
near them AT ALL, let alone one run by people who
actually CARE. 

So let's celebrate the good ones, and let's include
web addresses so those of us without good local
shopping can get in on the good stuff globally!!!

Here's to word of mouth!!!

Larry Steller AKA The Sheik Of Entropy

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